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My Saved COVID-19 Articles Thumbnail

My Saved COVID-19 Articles


There is no shortage of articles/podcasts/TV shows/YouTube videos covering COVID-19 pandemic.  Sadly, I'm finding that most of the coverage is unhelpful finger-pointing and fear-mongering.  I've saved a handful of articles over the last month on a variety of topics ranging from food safety to caring for a loved one who is sick.  I thought I'd share a handful of what I've saved. 

Of course, information is changing daily, and I'm guessing some of the advice in these articles may already be dated.  For official updates on the pandemic, visit cdc.gov.

How to Talk About the Coronavirus   Liz Neeley • The Atlantic
Here are four ways to help those around you be better informed about the pandemic

How to Survive Isolation With Your Roommates, Your Partner, Your Kids – and Yourself   Adrienne Matei • The Guardian

Many of us are surprised how difficult it is to be cooped up for days on end

Eight Acts of Goodness Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak   Kira M. Newman, Greater Good Magazine

Few are looking for kindness and heroism as the world battles the coronavirus - it should be shared

How to Properly Care for a Sick Person at Home (and Not Get Sick Yourself)   Ellen Airhart and Christina Colizza • The Wirecutter
I hope none of this information is needed, but here are tips you need to prepare space for an infected person, especially if there are others in the home

Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide   J. Kenji López-Alt • Serious Eats

Yes, you can still eat safely, even from restaurants, provided you follow a few basic guidelines

How to Gather With Friends While Social Distancing, According to a Meetings Expert   Rebecca Jennings • Vox

There are several ways we can feel a little less alone

Exercising During Coronavirus: Can I Jog? Is That Water Fountain Safe?   Gretchen Reynolds • The New York Times

Regular exercisers need to know how to best to stay in shape without putting themselves in risk

Virus Outbreak Means (Mis)information Overload: How to Cope   Barbara Ortutay and David Klepper • Associated Press

Are you overloaded?  How can you separate fact from fiction and rumor from deliberate efforts to mislead

If Coronavirus Scares You, Read This to Take Control Over Your Health Anxiety   Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett • The Guardian

Feeling anxious?  Here’s a short guide on how to manage it

What Do You Tell Someone Who Still Won’t Stay Home?   Joe Pinsker • The Atlantic

Convince your loved ones to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously

And, if you need a dose of good news among all of this drama, I highly recommend watching Some Good News.  John Krasinski does an amazing job highlighting good news from around the world, and he's been throwing in some big surprises along the way.  I'll admit, I've teared up with every episode.

This list is nowhere near exhaustive.  Please send me anything that you've found helpful!