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Personal Interesting Favorites

For many years, I taught Retirement Planning classes to adults looking to secure the Certified Financial Planner designation.  I don't miss the hard work and the pitiful pay, but I do miss the challenge of teaching complex financial concepts in an understandable and interesting way.  I guess that is why I enjoy working with the media.  Sadly, financial writing has changed drastically over the last 20 years. With fewer reporters that have strong financial training, it is more critical for anyone interviewed to make the information as clear as possible.  

I get tens of generic media requests each week.  You'll see from the articles below that I do not "pitch" to reporters that are looking for hot stock tips or market prognostications, I only send in "my two cents" when I come across a request for information that folks really need.

Here are several of my most recent quotes:

19 Things You’ll Need To Sacrifice Now for a Healthy Retirement (Nov 2019)
Gabrielle Olya, GOBankingRates.com

A Tax Trap Many Fund Investors Fall Into (Oct 2019)
Tom Herman, The Wall Street Journal

How to Downsize Your RMDs (Oct 2019)
Miriam Cross, Kiplinger's Personal Finance

'Gen-Z' Or Not, This Behavior Can Be Profitable For You (Sep 2019)
Chris Carosa, Forbes

Top 10 Most Regrettable Mistakes Retirees Made In Their 20s (Sep 2019)
Chris Carosa, Forbes

Retirees may fare worse reinvesting their IRA or 401(k) withdrawals under the Secure Act (July 2019)
Sarah O'Brien, CNBC  

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