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Personal Interesting Retirement Planning

I’ve been fortunate to have built a good relationship with the media over the years. I receive anywhere from three to ten “media requests” each week from a wide variety of sources ranging from The Wall Street Journal to the Two Cents blog. However, I have no interest in answering many of these because they are encouraging stock picking, market timing, and other bad financial behavior. When I do come across something of interest, I’ll email a few comments and offer my assistance; this frequently results in a short conversation with the reporter and a brief quote.

Here are some of the more recent articles where I was quoted:

Here Come Some Big Tax Bills for Fund Investors
Jason Zweig, The Wall Street Journal

8 Reasons You Need Good Credit in Retirement
Lucy Lazarony, Money Talks News

Mutual-Fund Investors, Beware: There’s a Tax Trap Waiting for You
Tom Herman, The Wall Street Journal

Should You Use an Actively Managed Robo Advisor?
Barbara Friedberg, U.S. News & World Report

Social Security’s COLA increase probably won’t help retirees much
Alessandra Malito, MarketWatch

Adjust paycheck withholding now to avoid big bill, penalties next year
Janna Herron, USA Today

You can also see a broad list of articles where I was quoted here.

Besides what’s listed above, two of my more interesting media opportunities happened in the last couple of weeks:

  • I responded to a media request from an online magazine covering “dumb things young folks do with money” – a great topic. I offered my assistance and spent 30 minutes with the article’s author discussing a variety of “dumb things.” I had not heard of the magazine prior to our discussion, and I did no research on the magazine’s coverage or intended audience. When the article was posted, I was happy to see I was widely quoted in an excellent article on the topic. However, I was surprised to see some four-letter words in the article (no, not from me) and this led me to look through the other articles available in the magazine. While far from “adult,” let’s just say I won’t be working with this magazine going forward and I will be more careful with the publications I work with in the future.

  • This week I was contacted by an 8th grader who is writing an essay about why we should/shouldn’t get rid of the penny. She saw my article on the topic and wanted additional thoughts. Even my kids have never quoted me in their work, so I find this pretty cool to help.

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