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Two Sides Thumbnail

Two Sides

Whenever the markets show weakness, “tactical traders” are featured on various financial programs often telling stories about the importance of avoiding big losses. The buy and hold investor tells the opposite story about the pain of missing out on gains. Neither story is fair.

Speaking About Fixed Income Thumbnail

Speaking About Fixed Income

I have been invited to speak at the “It’s Your Money!” seminar series several times over the last 10 years. This month I was asked to teach their Fixed Income Investing course. Fixed income investing is admittedly not the most exciting topic, but it's one of the more important ones in the series.

Investing Favorites
Better Balance Thumbnail

Better Balance

Once you have done the hard work to determine a mix of holdings that's best for you, there is still plenty of work to be done. MILE Wealth uses smart rebalancing strategies and finely tuned software to keep client portfolios in check.

Investing Retirement Planning
Real Estate In Client Portfolios Thumbnail

Real Estate In Client Portfolios

Most investors have an investment portfolio that’s exclusively made up of stocks and bonds. Adding holdings that provide other sources of income and capital gains makes good sense. There is one area I’ve used for several years and continue to be excited about – “core” real estate.

Why Cyborgs Rule Thumbnail

Why Cyborgs Rule

The best chess players today are not grandmasters or chess-playing computers, they are human players who can most wisely use multiple chess programs ("cyborg" players). This same concept applies to the world of financial advice.

Don’t Skip Tax Planning For 2018 Thumbnail

Don’t Skip Tax Planning For 2018

As the 2017 tax deadline approaches, I’ve been setting my sights on tax planning opportunities for 2018 and beyond. Everyone should be running tax projections for 2018. Waiting to see how things shake out for the year could lead to some big surprises next April.

Tax Planning