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Lifeboat Drills Thumbnail

Lifeboat Drills

Nobody likes it when the stock markets decline. This week we see two economic superpowers “saber-rattling” about who will impose the largest tariff. Because threatened or imposed tariffs have real long-term consequences, the global stock markets have declined relatively sharply. I take advantage of these rough times to run “lifeboat drills.”

Investing Risk Management
IPO or IP Uh-Oh? Thumbnail

IPO or IP Uh-Oh?

Over the last six months, several high-profile companies have decided to sell shares in the public stock markets. Companies like Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, Zoom Video and Levi Strauss all made the news when they “IPOed.” Let’s talk about the questions you might have about IPOs.

Inverted!?! Thumbnail


It’s hard to miss the financial press’ recent headlines about the inverted yield curve, which (we are told) inevitably signals our next recession. Given the financial media’s history of blowing things out of proportion, I went to the original source of this indicator to discover what his research is really telling us.

Investing Retirement Planning
Tooth Fairy Cuts Thumbnail

Tooth Fairy Cuts

Delta Dental, for the last two decades, has gathered information about the generosity of the Tooth Fairy. The most recent figures show that she’s been stingier over the last two years. In fact, the price for teeth has dropped 18% over the last two years!

Investing Interesting
I'm Going To Miss Saint Jack Thumbnail

I'm Going To Miss Saint Jack

This month, one of my heroes passed away at the age of 89. John Bogle was much more than the founder of Vanguard and the pioneer of index funds; he was one of the hardest working and most effective crusaders for investors.