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Advice Warren Buffett Shared With Me In My Office Thumbnail

Advice Warren Buffett Shared With Me In My Office

I’ve been a huge fan of Warren Buffett and his partner, Charlie Munger, for more than 25 years. For obvious reasons, the 2020 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder meeting was available online. That meant I was able to hear from "Oracle of Omaha" while sitting in my home office. Unfortunately, my excitement was gone soon after the event started.

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My Saved COVID-19 Articles Thumbnail

My Saved COVID-19 Articles

There is no shortage of coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, I'm finding that most of the coverage is unhelpful finger-pointing and fear-mongering. I thought I'd share several articles that I've found helpful.

Feeling Less SECURE Thumbnail

Feeling Less SECURE

As 2019 ended, President Trump signed into law The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019. After reading many articles on the SECURE Act, I'm really upset about the long-term implications of the biggest change.

Tax Planning
Take A Little Time Thumbnail

Take A Little Time

It is an excellent time to check your credit report(s) as we ease into 2020. Every year, you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report from each of the three main reporting agencies. Roughly 25% of all credit reports are said to have incorrect information, but making sure your report is accurate is only one of the reasons I’m urging you to take time for this review.

Cash Flow Management
Quoted Thumbnail


For many years, I taught Retirement Planning classes to adults looking to secure the Certified Financial Planner designation. I don't miss the hard work and the pitiful pay, but I do miss the challenge of teaching complex financial concepts in an understandable and interesting way. I guess that is why I enjoy working with the media.

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Lifeboat Drills Thumbnail

Lifeboat Drills

Nobody likes it when the stock markets decline. This week we see two economic superpowers “saber-rattling” about who will impose the largest tariff. Because threatened or imposed tariffs have real long-term consequences, the global stock markets have declined relatively sharply. I take advantage of these rough times to run “lifeboat drills.”

Investing Risk Management
IPO or IP Uh-Oh? Thumbnail

IPO or IP Uh-Oh?

Over the last six months, several high-profile companies have decided to sell shares in the public stock markets. Companies like Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, Zoom Video and Levi Strauss all made the news when they “IPOed.” Let’s talk about the questions you might have about IPOs.